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EntreVu vs. Conventional Cannulas

Animation Videos

Comparison of the performance of the Cannuflow EntreVu Ex cannula with that of conventional cannulas during shoulder arthroscopy.

This animation illustrates the fluid extravasation that can result from the use of a conventional instrument cannula during shoulder arthroscopy, causing the shoulder to swell significantly. Thanks to its Extravastat anti-extravasation technology, the Cannuflow EntreVu instrument cannula addresses this problem effectively, resulting in less fluid extravasation and shoulder swelling.

This animation illustrates how the EntreVu instrument cannula effectively drains away excessive fluid extravasation during shoulder arthroscopy, thanks to its Extravastat anti-extravasation capabilities. As a result, there is less shoulder swelling during the procedure.


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  • Reusable Cannulated Obturator. Integrates easily with the EntreVu EX instrument cannulas to provide an easy-to-use cannula driver system.
  • TwoVu ST. An outflow sheath, it provides continuous fluid outflow for two-portal arthroscopic knee and percutaneous shoulder procedures.
  • TwoVu EX. A Combination out-flow and anti-extravasation sheath for shoulder and hip arthroscopy. (TwoVu EX is available by special order. Call for more information.)
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EntreVu EX
(8.25mm ID, 70mm WL instrument cannula with
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TwoVu EX-6
(5.8mm-6.3mm/113mm scope sheath with anti-extravasation technology; available by special order)
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To place your order or to obtain the contact information for your local Cannuflow sales representative, call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-866-484-5400.

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