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ClearVu 2.7

ClearVu TutorialFlexible Inflow-Outflow Cannula for Three-Portal Knee Arthroscopy

A significant advancement over traditional rigid metal cannulae, the ClearVu™ 2.7 is the first and only cannula engineered to bend with an articulating joint, allowing it to maintain continuous fluid flow and clarity while significantly reducing the potential for soft tissue and articular surface damage. Its tapered design and polymer construction provide "progressive" flexibility. Combined with its other unique design features, they allow it to:

  • Easily conform to contours of the joint no matter how it is articulated during knee arthroscopy, ensuring maximum fluid flow and clarity.
  • Deliver uninterrupted flow and debris evacuation in a much smaller OD (and, therefore, much smaller incision) for consistent visibility.
  • Avoid the kind of skiving, scuffing, and denting that can occur with a metal cannula (especially as it is repositioned).
  • Remain in place throughout the procedure, since you won't have to reposition it to restore sufficient fluid flow.
  • Allow for more fenestrations at the distal tip so flow is not blocked and evacuation and visibility remain constant, even when the knee is in a figure-four position.
  • Not ‘short out’ radio frequency ablation or thermal remodeling devices, even upon direct contact.
ClearVu Is the Only Cannula Engineered to Bend With an Articulating Joint

"Metal canulas are not flexible. They can cause joint damage during manipulation and clog with synovium. ClearVu creates a smaller hole than a metal cannula. The skin quality of older patients has a higher risk of permanent damage from trauma and wound healing problems. ClearVu solves this. Its flexibility reduces tissue trauma to the knee during manipulation. ClearVu also remains patent in the figure 4 position, and I can control outflow more accurately."

Nicholas Abidi, MD
Santa Cruz Orthopaedic Institute
Santa Cruz, CA

"ClearVu allows continuous flow and does not damage the articular surfaces."

Martin Trieb, MD
Napa, CA

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ClearVu 2.7 Sharp
(flexible cannula, sharp trocar)
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ClearVu 2.7 Blunt
(flexible cannula, blunt obturator)
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To place your order or to obtain the contact information for your local Cannuflow sales representative, call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-866-484-5400.

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