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DryVu 2.7

Fluid Shield Anti-Fogging Device

Simple and easy to use, DryVu™ helps eliminate camera fogging caused by escaping fluid flooding the camera junction during arthroscopic procedures. DryVu Fluid Shield Anti-Fogging DeviceConstructed to slip easily and conveniently over a wide range of scope sheath sizes, DryVu is designed to continually deflect fluid away from the camera/coupler interface to:

  • Maintain consistent visibility without procedure interruption.
  • Reduce OR preparation time and the risk of contamination with defogging agents.
  • Redirect fluid into a collection drape for easy clean-up and room turn-over.
  • Constructed to slip easily and conveniently over a wide range of scope sheath sizes (2.5 mm to 6mm OD).

A no-fuss, cost-effective solution

During an arthroscopic procedure, escaping irrigation fluid can run down the scope into the camera junction and cause fogging at the camera coupler, compromising visualization. To regain visibility, a procedure will need to be interrupted to uncouple the scope and wipe the lens clean, extending the surgical time. Available remedies such as optical defogging agents are not always effective, can add to surgical prep time, and present a potential contamination issue. Direct-coupling optical systems offer an effective answer to the problem but are also expensive to purchase and maintain.

DryVu Eliminates Camera Fogging Caused by Escaping Fluid

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DryVu Fluid Shield
(for knee, shoulder & hip arthroscopy)
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To place your order or to obtain the contact information for your local Cannuflow sales representative, call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-866-484-5400.

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